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Fruitarian for 60 Days Challenge, Diet 80/10/10

After watching many videos about fruitarians and listening wonderfull book Diet 80/10/10 by Dr.Douglas N. Graham, I decided to make a little challenge for myself of trying it just for 60 Days. I am starting on 1st February 2018 and finishing around 1-7 April, I will see how I feel in case I will want to get back to regular diet earlier or finish it in the day when our Russian Orthodox fasting is over 7 April 2018. Many people say about miracles that happen to them when they become fruitarians from the health, business and other aspects of life so what the … I am also trying it. I believe in miracles so I don’t mind if they happen to me just by eating lovely fruits.


Besides, the hope that fruitarian diet will help me to forward my business ideas, lift my spirit to the next level and give some superpower, I also have two, dawn to earth, reasons for doing this 60 Days Challenge.

First, is to make myself more healthy, boost metabolism and get millions of amazing micronutrients/vitamisn/minerals into my body. The second reason, I want to lose 10 kg. I love my body and I am already quite fit wearing S/M size, but getting Victoria’s Secret supermodel body wouldn’t hurt. With my healthy diet right now my weight doesn’t move in any direction which is great especially if I already would have my target body weight and shape. Plus, I am the healthiest person I know; therefore, what I eat in general is quite good. However, I have a little addiction to popcorn, ice cream and a couple of others sweets. So we will see if this habit would change after 60 days and if I get my dream body.

There will be daily updates about my journey on my Instagram page @yanallure.

The book I listen was in Russian so for those who can understand Russian language, it is right below. However, I am sure you can find it in any language and format which is suitable for you, just in case you are curious about food vs. health. I didn’t collaborate nither was paid by any of these sources so it is based on my personal curiosity and love for a healthy lifestyle.



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