Venice in Winter, Italy

Venice is a dream place to visit once in a lifetime which welcomes thousands of visitors every year. My first trip to it was at the end of December during the Christmas time. Many people wonder if it worth to travel to Venice during the winter; therefore, I would like to share my experience so you get maximum of your trip to this beautiful city.


The weather in December was quite cold between +3 and +8 degrees. Besides, Venice located right on the water so the wind is very chilly. I took just a typical Burberry wool coat with me and I was freezing most of the times. Therefore, I strongly recommend to take a proper winter coat with you, something a little warmer than one layer wool. Also, take some warm socks and your favorite sweaters, you will enjoy having them here. While I was walking around Venice, I noticed that many Italian women wore mink fur coat. So if you have some fur, north of Italy is a great place to wear it during the winter. And of course, everyone around is very fashionable with perfect scarf, gloves and a hat. It is Italy after all…


Any day of the year there is so much to do in Venice. I personally choose a typical tourist road to visit opera, museum and do some shopping.

Teatro La Fenice – Italy is very famous for opera so of course, it was on my list. For the first time, I saw full Traviata at Teatro La Fenice. It was a wonderful play which combined excellent singing, great acting skills and gorgeous decoration. Traviata play is about a beautiful woman who was a prostitute but felt in love with a man and sacrifices her fancy life for him. They were so in love but couldn’t be together because of her past. I recommend to see it even if you are not into opera. However, tickets are very pricy €100-300. So a little hint, if you walk into the theatre on the day of the performance and there are few tickets left, you can get the last minute price of €50/ticket. This how I was lucky to buy directly from the office of Teatro La Fenice on the 10th raw, exactly where I wanted. Good that walked there, as at first I was intending to buy it online for €270.

Basilica di San Marco – This museum is difficult not to notice. It is located on the main  San Marco squire with an incredible architecture around. During the old days, this building was mainly for the parliament with lots of offices and meeting rooms inside. Many of decisions about Venice development and government regulations took place here. You will be definitely impressed by it as most of the walls are decorated with precious artworks. Note: inside is as cold as outside so wear a proper coat in order to take your time and enjoy every room of this beautiful building.

Shopping – What else women need for the perfect trip than the great shopping. Venice is a perfect place to get fashionable outfits, do some fancy purchases and buy authentic Venetian things. You will find hundreds if not thousands of different stores here. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, name it… It has almost all world famous boutiques. Also, from here you can get Venetian table clothes, Murano glass chandeliers and unique glasses for any beverage.


Having so much fun everyday, I didn’t even get a chance to ride a famous canoe. Partially because it was already cold and I didn’t want to have a water ride. Plus, I could perfectly reach everywhere by foot. Also, I heard that in Venice is terrible smell of siege during the summer from the canals and guess what, in the winter is not the case. One more bonus to travel during the winter is that amount of tourist is way less than during the summer. So if you are dreaming to visit Venice, winter great time to do it. Personally, my trip was just wonderful and I already can’t wait to come back to try canoe and do lots more what Venice has to offer.

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