Hotel Danieli Venice, Italy


Venice is a very romantic and beautiful city; however, staying in an extraordinary hotel always adds a great experience to the whole trip. Hotel Danieli was my dream hotel and in December 2017 my dream came true. First time I saw it in a movie The Tourist, with Angelina Jolie and Jonny Depp. Many of scenes were shot in Hotel Danieli and around Venice. So it is a legendary place for a movie’ lovers as well as for people who appreciate fine art and history.


Hotel Danieli is consist of three buildings connected by the bridges. Each building has different interior and color range. First one (on the left from the lobby) is in the reddish colors. The main building interior is a mix of red and golden colors with lots of art works and marble walls. And the last one (on the right from the lobby) is more in a beige and gold colors. Hotel Danieli looks and feels like a castle. Each floor carries some original art works and unique custom furniture. Lobby is very impressive with huge fire place, gorgeous chandeliers and lots of marble. Interior is quite extraordinary that I can talk hours and hours about it. So better while visiting Venice just enter and see for your self. And if you will stay here staff will also share an impressive history of this hotel from the 16th century.


The location of Hotel Danieli is very convenient, right in the San Zaccaria station and next to San Marco Square. So by boat or by foot, you will always reach it. From the airport, very easy to take either public boat which is like €15/per person or a private one for € 120, both will stop right in front of the hotel. San Marco Square which right on the corner is full fun things to do like museums, galleries, coffee shops, art shop, jewelry stores and the roads leading to the whole shopping district. You will see it all from luxury super brands like Chanel, Dior, Gucci and etc to a middle luxury like Pinko, Twin Set, Max&Co and etc, and then lots of cute Italian family owned little shops with fashionable and high-quality clothes. Also, in 1.3 km there are the famous Grand Canal and lots of restaurants and cafes in every little street around.

Restaurant & Lobby

Every morning, breakfast was served at wonderful Restaurant Terrazza Danieli which is also popular for the dinning experience. Food and view, I must say, is beyond excellence. Great place for a date full of charms, so romantic atmosphere is guaranteed there. Besides downstairs in the lobby, you can have some lovely drinks. Plus in the evening they have Italian musician playing piano and singing some of the songs. I truly enjoy every evening coming to that lobby to have some tea or famous Italian aperitif, Negroni.

There is so much more to say about this place but I will keep it short and let you to discover the rest once you are in Venice. I absolutely recommend to try Hotel Danieli at least once in a lifetime or at least to come for a dinner there to see all the beauty of it inside.

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