Tour in Eiffel Tower, Paris


Eiffel Tower is one of the most spectacular constructions in French history. It is widly famous all over the world; therefore, visiting Paris for the first time, it was a must to see for me. Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 and 300 meters high.

The queue to enter is always very long from the opening at 9:30 till late evening. Every month they change closing time so check it in advance. However, the best place to really see Eiffel Tower is actually from the streets and restaurants around it. I guess to really enjoy the beauty of Eiffel Tower the most popular spot is Trocadero.

Reminds me of the phrase which Parisian novelist Guy de Maupassant said, “It’s the only place in Paris where I can eat and not see that hideous tower,”. He hated Eiffel Tower construction and consider that it destroys the look of all Paris; therefore not to see it he ate all the time in it.

But if you want to see Eiffel Tower from the inside and enjoy a wonderful view of Paris, you will need to be a little patient to overcome all the queues. Entering, you will see super long queue with like 5-10 rows of people, they all waiting to buy the ticket for elevators. It looks quite long but 30-60 min and you will get inside. On the other side, you will see a much smaller queue for people buying tickets to go on the stairs. So if you fit and healthy, you can easily visit 1st and 2nd floor this way and then buy a ticket inside to go to the top. Another option is to book a restaurant 2 weeks or a month in advance with a set menu.

1st floor – this was actually my favorite one, the view was so beautiful and design here is a little renovated. Plus, here located lovely cafe where you can grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich, as well as 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant where you always get sited by dropping in.  This floor is very elegant and chic compared to the rest.


2nd floor – this floor is very crowded and has an old design. You will find yourself fighting to get a spot for a photo and standing in the further queue to the elevator to go to the top. Here is also, located super overpriced Jules Verne restaurant. I haven’t tried so cannot comment on the interior and food in it.

Top floor – this is a very tiny floor with lots of people around you. From here you see more of a Paris but bearly can distinguish between streets and buildings. Nice to see one time but honestly nothing special. Also, there is a little champaign kiosk like 1 meter long for people who want to have a glass of bubbly while being pushed by crow from all sides.


  • Have some drinks in the evening on Trocadero with the gorgeous view of Eiffel Tower and its beautiful glittering lights;
  • Do a nice picnic in the garden near the tower if the weather is good;
  • Book set menu one month in advance in the restaurant to skip the queue. Then after breakfast or lunch, buy a ticket to go to the top of the tower if you want.



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