The Best Place for a Dessert in Paris, France

During my first trip to Paris, I had an expectation that in every bakery I would get something super tasty. However, after going around and trying lots of cafes, I was surprised that it is a myth. Like in every other city, you need to know special places to buy a certain food. Luckily enough, I found my favorite place in Paris to get something delicious and freshly baked. After visiting Eiffel Tower, I was walking around Chaillot area and saw a very appealing bakery. So beautiful that could not resist to enter.

The place was La Patisserie by Cyril Lignac. Outside, as well as inside it looked like a high-end boutique. After checking beautifully looked desserts, my friend decided to try chocolate fondant. I got tempted looking at her and took Roma Baba. It was absolutely delicious, so good that I was going the rest of my trip to this patisserie and trying other sweets. The only minus of this cafe, they sell just to take away and do not have coffee. Very unusual not to serve hot beverages in such type of place but I guess they decided to specialize in one thing.

My resolution, that I have only one dessert from them during my next trip to Paris.  It is super tasty but sometimes I cannot stop eating such sweets. However, I strongly recommend to try this high-end French bakery.

  • Location – La Patisserie by Cyril Lignac, Chaillot
  • Cuisine – French desserts and bakey
  • Food quality – extraordinary
  • Food Presentation – beautiful
  • Service – excellent
  • Ambiance – high-end and luxurious
  • Parking – public
  • Price – $$ (around €5 per dessert)
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★

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