Things to Do in Forte Dei Marmi, Italy


Forte Dei Marmi is a lovely village on the coast of Italy.  The place is popular among the tourists who like to spend relaxing vacation on the beach. The nature and climate in Forte Dei Marmi are quite nice. However, the sea is not so hot as in some tropical islands. Since it is one of my favorite cities in Italy, I decided to share the top of my favorite activities over here.

  1. Enjoy the Beach – this activity is in the top of the list of people who stays at Forte Dei Marmi. Here you can become a member of famous beach clubs for the summer which will allow you to use their facilities for the whole season.
  2. Have Seafood Meal by The Sea – there are lots of restaurants on the coast so you can choose the most appealing to you. My favorite one is Bistrot, however; there are lots of them. So let me know what else you discovered.
  3. Have a Lovely Bike Ride – in Forte Dei Marmi one of other top popular activity is to ride the bike. Majority of people go with it to the beach, around this cute little town and even for dinners, forgetting the stress of the cars and traffic back home.
  4. Go for Delicious Aperitif – Italian culture suggests that people should have some aperitifs before starting their dinner. So have fun and explore some popular cocktails like Negroni and Aperol Spritz.
  5. Explore Italian Cuisine – Italian food is one of the most delicious so just relax and enjoy your evening sitting outside, on some beautiful street in downtown. There is lots of seafood choices as well as Tuscan meet selections.
  6. Become More Strong with Sport – besides riding the bike you can always go for a run, play volleyball on the beach and many other activities you usually enjoy doing.
  7. Have Fabulous Walk on The Beach – the beach is so huge in Forte that it will take you quite some time to reach from the beginning to the end of it. You will burn lots of calories, breath with clean oxygen and just feel yourself happy. Water is purely magical as it takes away the stress and gives us the power to do great things.
  8. Go Party After Sunset – Forte Dei Marmi is famous for great beach parties. You can try, for example, Twiga, Nikki Beach, and The Beach Club. Party on the open air is the true vacation fun.


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