Meat Pasta with Daino in Tuscany, Italy

I never had seen a place which specializes in the meat pasta until my friend Daria invited me to Osteria di Poneta in Montecatini, Italy. The place is known among locals and hidden from tourists because the restaurant is not into the marketing but rather building relationships with regular customers from the area. So I decided to reveal a little secret of Italian people from Tuscany about their favorite place to dine.


Osteria di Poneta specializes in home-made pasta, grilled meat, and cheese. Their menu is just wonderful, short and straight to the point. I really wanted to try their specialty so I ask the manager and he recommended me to go for pasta with deer, Fettuccine with sauce trailed Daino Stylish Colognole Farm. It tasted so so delicious, I enjoy every bit of this home-made pasta. Almost forgot to share what my friend ordered, so she got veggie past which was tasty as well, but mine rocks. Besides, they have a great wine selection which comes from different areas of Tuscany.

The best part of staying in Italian villages that people treat you as part of their family after seeing you a couple of times.  In Osteria di Poneta, I enjoyed warm ambiance and felt with every cell of my body that people around sincerely happy to see me and want to make the best pasta for my taste. After we pay the bill, my friend asked if we can have a little compliment, two shots of limoncello. It was such a refreshing ending of the delicious meal. Last but not least, Osteria di Poneta located in Montecatini as well as Florence so go and try it once you are there. Let me know what your favorite dish was.

  • Location – Osteria di Poneta, Montecatini and Florence
  • Cuisine – Tuscan
  • Food quality – excellent
  • Food Presentation – nice with home touch
  • Service – beiond exellent, you will feel as part of the family
  • Ambiance – cozy and warm
  • Parking – regular city parking
  • Price –  around €20 per meal but depends what you will eat
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★


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