Terme di Montecatini Health Retreat, Italy


One of the best trips that I have ever done was to a small village in Tuscany, Montecatini. I came there with my best friend to become more beautiful, skinny and healthy. If fact, among Russian and Ukranian community there is a trend to go to Thermal Waters for health retreat. We heard lots of amazing stories about the water in Montecatini so were desperate to try it for ourselves. The first day of our trip we went to Terme di Montecatini where we got a proper prescription from a doctor on how to drink this water. We decided to have a full course for 6 days but it is allowed to even buy it for a day. It depends on your personal tolerance to such treatments. The prescription can be done in any language, for some reason doctor gave us Russian one.

  1. 250 ml of Regina warm, drink in 3 min while walking
  2. 250 ml of Regina mixed, drink in 5 min while walking
  3. Wait 5 minutes
  4. 500 ml of Tettuccio room temperature, drink in 20 min while walking
  5. After 20 min breakfast, starting with warm tea or warm coffee with milk
  6. At 4 or 5 pm, I could also have o.5 l of Rinfresco for 40 min while sitting

Every day we had to take Regina and Tettuccio on empty stomach between 8:30-12:00. The taste of them was a little salty expessially, Regina. They also had Leopoldina water which wasn’t prescribed to us but we tried a little just for fun. Honestly speaking, it smelled like a sewage, really bad. The others were much easier to swallow. Morning waters we had to drink while walking so we visited each corner of a park around. Really beautiful place, I could call it Tuscan paradise.

Morning waters we had to drink while walking so we visited each corner of a park around. Really beautiful place, I could call it Tuscan paradise. The architecture of Terme di Montecatini is just magnificent not to talk about nature. Plus they play lovely live music every morning. The place reminded me of one scene in the movie The Duchess. In fact, I really felt myself like a duchess there, I bet many important and royal people were coming to this place for many years.

So the most intresting part of this health reatreat, the results. Does it or it doesn’t work? Frankly speaking, I haven’t loose any weight. Nevertheless, I guess because I was eating nonstop all italian delicious food and all gelatos of Tuscany. But my skin became magicly clear and more beautiful. After a month, I really feel that the water cleaned some of the toxins from my body. Taking into cosidereation that I was going to cosmetolagist for many months and couldn’t solve some skin problem, I consider Montecatini water really helped.

Last but not least, the cost of this lovely treatment was around € 100  for 6 days including doctor consultation. Moreover, you can rent a glass for € 2 which is refundable once you give the glass back. At the end of the course, I also bought face cream for skin balance made with this magical water so hopefully, soon I will do a review on it.



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