Top 10 Restaurants in Moscow, Summer 2017

During 6 months living in Moscow, I developed a list of favorite restaurants. So this posts is about those to which I like to go and consider to be a wonderful choice for summer days. Many in the list below are my weekly favorites and I would suggest to visit them to anybody who travels to Moscow. As a tourist, it is hard to find out where do locals really go so let me reveal the secret for you.

  1. Bolshoi by Novikov Group – Petrovka 3/6

This place is one of my favorite in the past couple of month. I just love their white cozy terrace. The quality of food is always excellent, plus they have great seasonal choices. In their menu, you will see lots of Russian and Europian dishes, as well as great tea and coffee selection. Also, for the sweets lovers, they have the best desserts in Moscow which you wouldn’t be able to resist. Service in Bolshoi just as in a 5-star hotel, beyond excellence.  Definitely is a must to visit this summer.

2. Klevo by Novikov Group – Petrovka 27

This restaurant is on my list of favorites since the first time I try it. However, they don’t have a terrace, it is hard to park near, this restaurant you would never notice if you just pass by, and around it lots of road construction. But the food is incredible and this is why I love it. Once you enter you will be in a Mediterranean restaurant with a super cozy Greek interior. Perfect for a date in a beautiful rainy day. Mostly they serve seafood so you can expect crabs, fish, oysters and etc. After you meal, I would recommend you to try their strawberry cheesecake, in my opinion, it is the best in town.

3. Aist by Novikov Group – Malaya Bronnaya 8/1

Every summer Aist’s terrace is one of the most popular places in Moscow. In fact, perfect restaurant to hang out with friends and order lots of food to share. The restaurant is quite big with three floors and the terrace where people can smoke shisha. Their menu has a lot of fish and meat dishes, I can’t call it gourmet experience but rather a place to have a good meal and drink. Personally, I just love their terrace on the 3rd floor where you can relax and enjoy your evening.

4. Babel – 1 Nikolozchepovskiy per. 6/2

Babel is a proper fine dining restaurant inspired by Odessa cuisine. Each dish there looks and tastes just amazing. Moreover, interior inside is super modern and elegant without being too posh. The restaurant is quite big with two floors indoor and terrace on the ruff top. In addition, they do little live music concerts every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I consider it as a perfect place for a classy date. If you want to enjoy food without a crowd around you, then it is the place to go.

5. Uilliam’s by Ginza Project – Malaya Bronnaya 20a

This restaurant has been my best for quite a time. I already wrote about it in my previous posts. In Uilliam’s they have a very small menu but everything on it is super delicious. Besides, during the summer incredible vibes are going on. In general, it is a very crowded place but on the weekend you would see even a bigger crowd standing in front of the restaurant with aperitifs. If you find a spot where to squeeze yourself then you are good. The place is so tiny but very cozy.


6. Erwin – Kutuzovskiy pr. 2/1 build. 6

I come on a weekly basis to this restaurant since I moved to Moscow. They have great choices of seafood; in fact, every dish which I tried was super delicious. Plus, in the summer they have a nice terrace where guests can smoke shisha. I don’t smoke but nowadays many people do. Also, the ambiance inside is very warm and happy. In Moscow, it is number one destination to celebrate birthdays. The only problem with Erwin is that you have to do a reservation at least a week in advance because they are always fully booked.

7. Cafe Moloko – Bolshaya Dmitrovka 7/5

Very nice coffee shop with elegant ambiance and great prices. Perfect place to come for aperitifs with friends and sit for a couple of hours. The menu has a big variety of salads. I tried the majority of them so I think generally food is good, except desserts. For sweets, they do not have anything special which I was amazed of.  However, beverage selection is great, excellent coffee, tea, wines, and cocktails. Plus in summer they opened a little terrace right on a glamorous street, Bolshaya Dmitrovka.

8. Vogue Cafe by Novikov Group – Kuznetskiy Most 7/9

I like Vogue Cafe for many many years and this summer nothing changed between us. It is a great place to have a lunch or a couple of drinks in the evening. They have everything I like in the menu (salads, sushi, pasta, fish, meat), the food is super delicious and the portions are very decent. Also, for sweet life lovers, there is a great selection of desserts. The cherry on top, Vogue Cafe located exactly near TZUM so perfect place to visit after your shopping.

9. Coffemania – Belorusskaya (Lesnaya 5c) and Bolshaya Nikitskaya 13/6

These coffee shops are super popular in Moscow and located almost in every area. However, my favorites are only two branches on Belorusskaya and Bolshaya Nikitskaya. I like to come here for a coffee, tea or glass of wine. In Coffemania the food is also good but only for a lunch time. After all, it is a cafe and they specialize in drinks. Therefore, if you want to have a great beverage with a lovely dessert, it will be the right place to go.

10. Bro&N Pizzeria by Novikov Group – Malaya Bronnaya 27/14

This is a new restaurant in Moscow which became very popular from the day they opened. Almost all the time you will see a queue to get inside so be patient, it is worse to stand. Food quality is excellent plus the prices are cheap. Everything in the menu has an Italian touch; in fact, the chef is Italian himself. I tried their specialty, pizza and it was just wonderful. Desserts and coffee are great as well. Since I adore Italian cuisine, I enjoy this place so much. Therefore, if you like pizza with a glass of wine, it is the perfect restaurant for both.

Hope you enjoyed this review and that is going to be a helpful guide for Moscow travelers. I live in downtown so all my choices are located in the center which is perfect for tourists. Last but not least, I know there are a couple of more fashionable and delicious places which are just opened but I haven’t tried them yet. Therefore, soon I will reveal more of trendy restaurants here. Let me know if you have something to add or you want to share your experience.

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