Louis Vuitton Event Spring’17, Moscow

I always love Louis Vuitton events and was so happy to join my favorite brand this spring for the launch of Cruise Collection for Men. Everything was happening at LV suit on top of the 4 floor LV shop in GUM on the Red Square. Spectacular place with chic design. The event in itself was in a playful format with lots of champagne and whiskey. There were two games about sailing, first to create a secret letter using sailing symbols and second was about learning how to do different types of knots. I had really so much fun. I must say, LV marketing department did a great job. In fact, comparing with LV events that I have been in Dubai, here creativity was on the next level. Since it was cruise collecting, all clothes had lots of sailing elements and casual design. I feel it would be perfect for men who love to spend time on yacht and boat.

One thought on “Louis Vuitton Event Spring’17, Moscow

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