Wine Tasting at Caudal, Moscow

I always wanted to be a wine expert or at least understand the differents between them. Once, I even tried to look for some courses on the internet but I found only something for barmen which were way too expensive for my little interest to be a good wine shopper. Luckily, a friend of mine invited me at Caudal shop for wine testing. It was a small class between four friends with two bottles of wine. In this setting, an expert of Caudal store gave us lots of information about wines and taught us how to distinguish differences between them.

That evening we were talking about and tasting white wines, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. For me it was such an interesting experience as I am really into red wines. So I got to know the sides of wines I never tasted. I guess if it is chosen well both white and red can be quite pleasant. The most interesting fact I learned that all wines are actually white from a very beginning. The step on which wine becomes red it is when skin and seeds of grapes been processed and added to the wine. Therefore, an end product can have different shades of red and yellowish. Our first wine, Sauvignon Blanc was with apple notes more fruity and yellowish compared to Riesling. Riesling had a stronger smell, some people refer to it sometime as the petrol smell or other unpleasant scenes. Nevertheless, both were excellent and change their flavors with each sip. Here are few tips on what to pay attention when tasting the wine,

  • take the glass and look at the color of the wine, it has to be clear with either ruby color or canary shades
  • then smell the wine, pay attention on notes you feel
  • take a sip but don’t swallow, move the wine around your mouth for a couple of seconds

This will help you to learn more about wines and its differences while your drinking this wonderfully mysterious beverage. Last but not least, at the end of this fun experience we got each a membership card at Caudal shop with 8 free wine tasting. I guess with such membership I would definitely become an expert on the subject.



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