Liali Jewelry or A Good Bargain in Dubai

Many people consider that jewelry is extremely expensive and cannot be purchased for birthdays or other occasions during the year. They allow themselves to get and to give such precious things only on a wedding day. However, I would like to break this misconception and show how, where and why other people go for it. To start, jewelry can be priced at any price, it all depends on the weight, brand, and materials. For example, in Dubai, you can get a gold bracelet starting from $250. Then it is truly the best gift to a person you love for many other reasons,

  1. it is an impressive gift, even the way it sounds, I got a gold bracelet on my birthday;
  2. it is an investment and can be sold for almost the same or better price;
  3. can be melted and redesigned based on personal style;
  4. a person will always think about you while wearing your gift;
  5. sold by weight, therefore you can choose based on your budget;
  6. you can bargain on the price of jewelry you are buying;
  7. precious metals are hypoallergenic so will not irritate the skin;
  8. feels good to wear authentic jewelry not accessory replica.

Of course, at the end of the day, the choice is yours but I never heard from my female friends that they were unhappy to get a piece of jewelry on their special occasions.


After living in Dubai 9 year, today I would like to reveal a secret where you can get an affordable price for such gifts. Liali jewelry is one of the best stores in Dubai to purchase gold and diamonds. Their stores are located in most popular malls among tourists such as The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, City Center Merdif, Burjuman, Gold & Dimond Park and others. Besides, convenient locations, they offer very competitive prices. I took photos of few pieces, plus you can check it out their website for more. Last but not least, in Dubai, there are lots of stores selling jewelry so if you don’t find something you are looking for at Liali, check it out Gold & Dimond Park near Mall of the Emirates.


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