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I’m Isola Marras, City Walk Dubai


I came across an amazing brand, I’m Isola which was opened recently on City Walk near Dubai Dawntown. The brand presents Italian clothes done by Antonio Marras as casual wear with interesting textures and fabrics. Each outfit it is a statement and piece of art. The whole line is designed to be easy wearable on a daily basis. However, it is more than basic wardrobe choices. I’m Isola highlights a strong and playful personality of its owner. Below you can see some of the outfits. In winter collection you will find many cozy sweaters, coats, jumpers, scarfs and other warm pieces. In fact, I discovered the store during the launch of winter collection and was surprised how I never enter it before. Would love to get a couple of outfits from there.  Last but not least, even the design of the store is very special with the signature print wallpapers. If you are coming to City Walk do not forget to visit I’m Isola store and let me know about your favorite outfits.



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