Ronda Locatelli, Truffle Menu

Ronda Locatelli is one of my favorite Italian restaurant in Dubai. I know this place since the opening of Atlantis The Palm and went there more than 100 times, I guess. In Ronda Locatelli, you can come for a lunch as well as dinner. The place has a beautiful Italian design with a modern touch. For those who like outdoor dinning, there is an amazing terrace in the garden by the beach. My top favorite dishes of all times are octopus salad and spaghetti with lobser. Also, every autumn there is an additional truffle menu. So I went to enjoy these rare and delicius Italian dishes with super expensive mushrooms. I tried mini pizza with truffles, risotto with truffles, two pastas with truffles and even a dessert with truffles. All were in small portions so the guests can taste a little bit of everything. I would definitely recommend taking a pizza and spaghetti. Of course, everything was excellent but these were my personal top favorite from an additional menu. Also, I was lucky to meet personally a celebrity Chef Giorgio Locatelli. He explained the idea behind each dish and what is it so special about it. Last but not least, if you appreciate Italian cuisine and love truffles, then you should definitely visit this amazing restaurant.

  • Location – Ronda Locatelli, Atlantis The Palm
  • Cuisine – Italian
  • Food quality -excellent, made with real Italian ingredients and carefully selected
  • Food Presentation – everything looks delicious
  • Service – good but use to be better
  • Ambiance – relaxing and elegant
  • Parking – free valet
  • Price -$$$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★


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