Aparthotel de Tamarin, Mauritius

When I came to Mauritius I stayed at wonderful place Aparthotel de Tamarin. The property located on the West Coast, Tamarin area right on the beach. The apartments have nice amenities such as outdoor mini gym, swimming pool, access to the beach, wi-fi and etc.. In the apartment, you get a fully equipped kitchen, laundry equipment and much more. Of course, since it is a hotel apartment you will need to buy your own shampoo, shower gel, snacks and food but such things are easy to get at the grocery. The view from every window is either on mountains or ocean. In fact, I had two amazing balconies, one with a sea view from master bedroom and other with mountain view in the tween bedroom. Downstairs I had a big living room with full-size kitchen and beautiful terrace. I loved to sit on this terrace during my meals or having a cup of tea. Also, West Cost is the best place to see the sunset every evening. The place will suit for those who like to lay on the beach as well as for the active travelers. Staying at Aparthotel de Tamarin, you will be close to many famous activities in Mauritius,

  1. Swimming with the dolphins (10 min drive)
  2. Seven colors earth (30 min drive)
  3. Tea plantation (30 min drive)
  4. Volcano crater (30 min drive)
  5. Casela Zoo (10 min drive)
  6. Many beautiful parks and a couple baobab trees on the way
  7. Two big supermarkets with shops (10-20 min drive)
  8. Salt harvesting (5 min drive)
  9. Many others.

So it is a very convenient area if you are visiting Mauritius and planning to do lots of local activities and visit popular tourist attractions. Besides, if you are renting a car, there are very convenient parking right next to the building. Plus the area if very secured and monitored 24/7. Last but not least, you can check it out my video where I show the apartment and the area around.

  • Hotel – Aparthotel de Tamarin
  • Location – West Coast, Tamarin Area
  • Experience – excellent and spacious properties, perfect for families
  • Time from the airport – 50 min.
  • Wi-fi – yes, I had a connection all the time
  • Parking – yes, very comfortable right next to the each apartment
  • Price – approximately $175 per night, it may vary depending on season or other factors
  • Rating (0-5) – 5/5, this aparthotel honestly exceeded my expectations


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