Mauritius, Seven Colors Earth

Mauritius has so many rare animals, plants and other wonders of the world. One of them is  Seven Colors Earth which is visited by the majority of tourists traveling to the island. You can combine this attraction with the South Side Seeing Tour or just to go there directly. Once you get the ticket, it will take 5-10 minutes driving to the first stop which will be the waterfall. There are two observation points to see the beautiful water falling from the cliff. Then when you are done, you will need to drive a bit further and in the next stop, you will reach entrance for the Seven Colors Earth. The person in the gate will check your ticket and you are free to stay there as much as you want. The colors of the earth change due to the oxidation processes. This wonder of the world is not to miss during your trip to Mauritius. I honestly enjoyed my time there and got lots of amazing photos. In the area, you will also see a nice coffee shop and toilets. Beautiful place to just relax and have a cup of coffee with the dessert. Last but not least, on the way to this attraction, you will have a couple of stops for pictures and sea view from the mountain. Below, I attached many photos from this tour as well as I have a video about all my trip.

  • Tour – Seven Colors Earth
  • Location – South Side
  • Tour Operator – As-Siyaaha Tour Operator
  • Experience – was amazing to see such a wonder of our planet
  • Duration – 3 hrs
  • Price – rs 225 per person ($6)
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 5, one of my favorite tours


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