Casela Zoo & Safari, Mauritius

Casela is a nature park in Mauritius which offers many fun activities such as safari, walking with lions, playing with domestic animals and etc. The park presents many animal species. It was located 10 min ride from the place I stayed, West Coast Tamarin Area. Once taxi dropped me I went to buy a ticket. The lady in the cashier explain me different packages, she was so helpful and clear on every option. Everywhere in Mauritius people speak very well English and French. So if you know any of these two languages, you will feel very comfortable communicating with everyone. Many activities were closed on Sunday so if you planning to visit choose any other day of the week, not to miss anything. Also, with the ticket she gave me a map of the whole park.


Once I entered the park, I saw lots of cages with birds, some of them are a walk throw concept. Also, there are many peacocks around the park. Then after, there is a beautiful restaurant with a stunning view. It is located on top the heel so the rest of the zoo and safari are dawn. On the way to the domestic animals, you will pass monkeys cage. After that, you will reach pet zone with deers (like from Bambi cartoon), rabbits, donkey, goats, pigs and others. Most of them you can touch they are super friendly and enjoyed to socialize with kids and adults. After the pet station, I reached tortoises farm. They are so big like a chair but sitting on them nor riding is not allowed.


At the end of the park, the safari starts. First, you can see beautiful and rare white lions. There is an observation point for every cage. If you paid for an additional experience “walking with lions”, it will be happening over there. Next, walking down the park you will reach giraffes area. You can even feed them for extra rs 100. Then the safari bus will take you in the wild part of the park where are living such animals as rhino, emu, zebra and others. The ride is quite short just like 15 min but fun to do. Instead of the bus you can also rent a quadricycle and ride it by yourself in the park. In conclusion, it was a great experience so if you like the animals it would be a great place to observe and admire them.

  • Tour – Casela Park
  • Location – West Coast, Mauritius
  • Tour Operator –  As-Siyaaha Tour Operator can provide you a car or a ride to this park
  • Experience – really fun time, especially if u have kids. But it is not the biggest zoo I have been.
  • Duration – 3-4 hrs.
  • Price – Different packages. I paid rs 750 for entrance, plus taxi rs 800.
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 5


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