Swimming with Dolphins, Mauritius

One of the most popular activities in Mauritius is to Swim with the Dolphins. The tour starts at 8 am at a meeting point next to bay for the speeding boats. After everyone has arrived, the guided takes you to the boat and tell about the tour, dolphins and other interesting information. The company I went with As-Siyaaha Tour Operator, had a great boat and super professional staff. So if you want to try this activity, I would 100% recommend them. Also, it is not guaranteed that you will see dolphins; however, if you don’t this tour company will give you a free tour the next day.


Then we went few kilometers from the coast where the dolphins usually swim. Once we reached the place, there were like at least 10 more of speeding boats full of tourists. You can totally jump and swim but the water temperature was around 25′ so a little bit chilly. I saw many people were swimming, hoping that they would touch a dolphin. But those dolphins in the ocean are wild and not trained. So don’t expect they will play with you. I would call this tour watching the dolphins rather swimming with them.


After chasing and watching the dolphins, we went closer to the coast where water was much warmer. During this stop, we had time to swim and snorkel. The boat didn’t have toilet or changing room so if you planning to do this activity, bring your towel, wear swimming suit and apply SPF +50. Even after I applied sunscreen,  I got sunburned so do not forget it yourself. In the sea, it takes seconds to look like a tomato plus sunburns hurt for a couple of days. In conclusion, for those who likes to go with the speeding boat, it would be an amazing adventure. But if your kids would like to play and really swim with this beautiful creatures, take them to the dolphinarium.

  • Tour – Swimming with Dolphins
  • Location – Mauritius, West Coast, Tamarin Area
  • Tour Operator – As-Siyaaha Tour Operator
  • Experience – great ride with the speeding boat and swim in turquoise water
  • Duration – 2 hrs. or full day
  • Price – rs 1,200 for 2 hrs. or rs 2,000 full day with a lunch
  • Tour Rating (0-5) – 4 because the name of the tour is a bit misleading


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