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Crash Fluid Facial with BABOR


One of my favorite salons in Dubai, The Loft Fifth Avenue launched spa menu which I came to test the other day. In the spa, they offer many different facials and massages for all skin types. All treatments are done with famous German skin care products, BABOR. After the laser peeling experience, my skin had lack of moisture; therefore, I chose Crash Fluid Treatment. This facial instantly hydrates, detoxifies and restore the moisture of the skin. My therapist, Abi gave me all necessary recommendations about my skin care and did an amazing facial. I was so happy after the treatment my skin got fully recovered from the laser peeling. It was super smooth and hydrated. Besides, if you already familiar with BABOR products, you can buy most of them for a home use at The Loft Fifth Avenue. It was my first time using this brand but I will definitely keep it in mind.

  • Name — The Loft Fifth Avenue
  • Location — The Dubai Mall, LG floor (free parking)
  • Treatment — Crash Fluid Treatment
  • Welcome — general greeting
  • Service — excellent service and amazing facial
  • Ambiance — very clean and relaxing
  • Price — 300 AED ($82)
  • Overall Experience — ★★★★★




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