Laser Peeling Review

A week ago I tried laser peeling for my face, Ultra Peel and would like to share my experience. I did it in EuroMed Clinic which was opened recently in Dubai on Jumeirah Rd. This clinic is super clean and has the most sophisticated equipment in the beauty industry. Plus, they have one of the best cosmetologists, Rebecca Treston. So I was very confident that it is the right place to try something new for my face. When I entered, I saw lovely interior and cozy ambiance. I was asked to fill some documents regarding my medical history as well as my cosmetologist, Rebecca asked about my skin concerns. After our consultation, she recommended light peeling, explained healing process and what I can achieve with this treatment.

The procedure takes just 10-20 minutes and it is not painful (from 0 to 10 pain level), I would give 1-2. You will feel mainly tingling and a little burning on your face. But as I said is the least painful cosmetic procedure ladies go for.

After peeling is over, cosmetologist put some healing cream. Then I was asked to go to another room for calming face mask which took 10 minutes more. During it, I was feeling that my face is actually burning. The whole experience identical to a mild sunburn.

In fact, the first day after laser peeling, it is the most painful time. Pain level for me was 3, as I said identical experience with a sunburn. The skin is extremely sensitive so be prepared that you will not be able to put any face cream neither foundation for sure. I tried 5 different creams but once I apply my face was on fire so I had to remove it same second. The only product I could put is 100% pure Argan Oil. So my personal recommendation first day, forget about your beauty products just apply some light and pure face oils.

Day 1.  Right after peeling, ready to go home.
Day 1. Getting more pink, 1 hr. later

After 2 hours the pink look went away but then in the evening I felted again. Burning sensation was on and off the whole day. During Day 2 my face looked nice but felt very tight and dry.

The next three days (Day 3, 4, 5), my skin was peeling a lot so it was impossible to apply foundation. Almost like a snake losing its skin. So be prepared not to put any makeup during those days at least for a week after you did laser peeling. However, my skin looked quite good even without any foundation. I was going to the events but no one noticed anything. If you look at the person from a normal distance, skin looks fresh and even.

Day 3. Lots of dead skin on the surface.

Then after the skin fully recovered, my face looked even, blemishes disappeared and pores became much smaller. I absolutely love the result and would love to do this procedure at least once a year in between my semi facials with the massage. In fact, laser treatments can solve many skin issues and make your face look like from a Vogue cover page. The most important are to find the right cosmetologist and a good clinic. If you live in Dubai, EuroMed Clinic is great for such serious treatments. Besides, they have many others services.

  • Name – Euromed Clinic
  • Location – Jumeirah Beach Road Umm Suqeim 1 – Villa 611
  • Treatment – Ultra Peel
  • Welcome – nice greetings and care
  • Service -excellent service, exceeded my expectations
  • Ambiance –  very nice and cozy
  • Price – $$$
  • Overall Experience – ★★★★★

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