Solo Tre Spa, Media City Dubai

I got invited to Solo Tre Spa to try one of their treatments. After checking company website, I thought it would be a nice experience and agreed to come to review it. On Solo Tre Spa website everything looked glamorous and treatments sounded very appealing, I wanted to do all of them. However since I could choose only one, I decided to do a massage. Plus it has been on my list for a couple of weeks. Usually, I like to go to 5-start hotel’s spas because of their relaxing ambience. But since I was invited to a free treatment, I thought it would be a great experience as well.

The spa located in Media City, Dubai so it was 25 min drive from my place (Downtown Dubai). They have a free valet parking for the spa clients so it is very convenient, taking into consideration how hard to find free parking in that area. From the outside it looked also great but after I entered my spa mood fade away. First of all, everyone was confused about my appointment. Second, I felt myself clearly in the salon, not spa. I guess the name is a bit misleading. As most of the salon, they have different services for hair, nails, massage and facials.

To be honest, I have a mixed filling about the whole thing. I loved the massage and my therapist was excellent. Her name is Katte and she is originally from Thailand. She knows great Thai massage techniques and I got an amazing massage. Also, bed was comfortable to lay during the treatment. But the ambience around was not that great. All doors were making old door noise, the room has to be fully repainted and I could hear people talking outside. Besides, their area for nails doesn’t have proper ventilation so it smells a lot of nail gel and acrylic powder. They were doing renovation at the time I came and hopefully, they will fix all the flows soon. So far, it is not a weekend getaway spa, more like a quick fix salon next to an office. Although I believe soon it will be much nicer.

  • Name – Solo Tre Spa
  • Location – Media City, Dubai next to Radisson Blu
  • Treatment – Solo Tre Spa special massage
  • Welcome – they were confused about my appointment at first
  • Service – great service, nice massage, friendly employees
  • Ambience – very simple, super basic, not luxury at all
  • Price – 270 AED for 60 min
  • Overall Experience – ★★★☆☆

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2 thoughts on “Solo Tre Spa, Media City Dubai

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