Hotel Café Royal, London

During my last trip to London, I stayed at Hotel Café Royal which is located in the Regent St. in the heart of London. I have been in many 5 stars hotels but this one surprised me a lot  by expensive and advanced technology inside the room. I was in IT paradise. To start, they had my dream TV, Bang&Olufsen. I think it is one of the most (or maybe the most) expensive TV. I would love to have it at home one day. Every time, I was switching it on, the screen turns to me, such a crazy feature. Also, you can control on the remote where you want the screen to be. For example, if you are sitting at the desk and working, you can press the button and TV will turn to you.  Also, the walls had a noise barrier, so you don’t hear your neighbors and they don’t hear you. Having so many details in mind, I forgot to mention how stylish the room was and of course, service was super excellent. Design, as you can see on photos, is modern and cozy at the same time.

I was traveling alone that time and one evening I had a movie night. I ordered pizza and watched Home Alone. It was the best evening ever, having a hot shower, then pizza with a great movie. Coming back to IT, in the morning it was very convenient that I could open curtains with the push of the button. Of course, room service can do this for you but it was so easy and fun. I love to see maximum daylight in the morning and in the evening to have my privacy. Moreover, there was a TV in the bathroom, I loved to put there some music clips or watch the news while getting ready. I guess because ladies spend a big amount of time in the bathroom, they really need a TV there.

The breakfast was wonderful as well. Every morning I had fried eggs, veggies, croissant basket and lots of other things I liked. Since I don’t eat meat, I was requesting extra  avocado, mushrooms, and smoked salmon on the side. Waiters were very helpful, sweet and every morning welcoming me with a smile. Besides in the room, I had lots of Hildon water free of charge. I always try to drink 2 liters a day so for me it is very important to have complementary water during my stay.

Also, in Hotel Café Royal there is a famous cabaret called, The Black Cat. I booked two tickets for me and my friend (she lives in London) to go have some fun. It was such a great experience with lots of entertainment. During the show, we laughed a lot listening funny retro songs, watching dancers and being a part of little magic tricks. Our tickets included dinner as well which I didn’t like. So if you planning to visit The Black Cat, I would recommend to get tickets for the show only.

Moreover, there were amazing spa facilities. It is very rare to find in the center of London such a great pool, with a sauna, steam, and nice gym. Perfect place to travel during cold days, so when you coming back to your room all freezing, you can just go dawn and have hot sauna. Last but not least, the hotel located in the walking distance from Piccadilly street. So I could go to my favorite tea shop, Fortnum & Mason in 5-10 minutes walk. Plus there are lots of restaurants, cafes, and shops in walking distance. One evening I went also to Coya and it look me just 15 min on high heels.

  • Hotel – Hotel Café Royal
  • Room design – modern and hi-tech
  • Cleanness – super clean
  • Service – excellent
  • Breackfast – continental breakfast, wasn’t included in my room
  • Facilities – spa, pool, gym, sauna, steam, ballroom, café, restaurants and etc.
  • Location – near to so many things in London, restaurants, bars, clubs, concerts, museums, shopping; the best location to be
  • Price per night – £500 ($640)

So the question, will I want to come back to Hotel Café Royal? Definitely yes, it is an expensive stay but to me totally worth it. I do recomend it to check it out.


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