ISHARYA Modern Indian Jewelry

One of my favorite modern Indian jewelry brand is Isharya which provides high-end pieces, with the elegant yet creative designs. The combination of quality and creativity made Isharya super popular among celebrities and fashionistas. In their store, you can find lots of statement pieces which will perfectly complement cocktail dress or a gown.  Yesterday, I went to Emirates Towers Hotel for a jewelry exhibition and Isharya store was part of this event. Their collection was absolutely beautiful, I clique a couple of photos which you can see below. Also, among all the brands presented there, Isharya stand was most crowded.


In their store, they have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, clutches and many other things. The first jewelry piece which I got from Isharya is beautiful mirror earrings. I call them magic earrings because they change color, reflecting the outfit and light around. They look so unique and wherever I go many people ask me, where did I get it. During the exhibition, I saw lots of others earrings with super cute colorful stones which also would be a great purchase. I feel like you can never get bored with Isharya designs since they change the collection all the time.

Isharya clutches are so adorable as well. Love this one with the saying, Queen Bee. Besides their current collection, they can make a custom one just for you. If you have something specific in mind, definitely contact their store. In addition, Isharya is the best place to get gorgeous bracelets. They do such a great color combination. All designs are in between California modern elegance and Bollywood splash of colors.

Last but not least, many celebrities already wearing Isharya designs so hurry up before they change their prices. For example, now you can get their jewelry on average for $50-200. For more info, you can check their online shop or one of their boutique. The collection available in over 50 countries. If you live or traveling to Dubai, the store here located in Galleria Mall at Adore Boutique, Al Wasl Rd.


2 thoughts on “ISHARYA Modern Indian Jewelry

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