Kérastase Densifique, Serum Jeunesse Review

I have been using Kérastase Densifique Serum Jeunesse  for more than 4 months and I would like to share my experience with you. I did a video review about it which you can watch at the beginning of the article. Here in the written version, I would like to get into the technical parts of the product. Serum Jeunesse claims to give density, volume, shine and better manageability. After using it, I can confirm that it really gives the effect Kérastase promised on its package. There are two main active ingredients in the formula such as,

  • Stemoxydine – which is inspired by stem cell science. Helps maintain hair density and improves hair density of sinning hair.
  • Anti-Ox Cellular – an anti-oxidant complex formulated to help protect the scalp from oxidative stress.

The whole line of Kérastase Densifique is targeting hair density and I guess most products in it contains similar ingredients. The line has shampoo, mask, conditioner, capsules treatment and others. I had also samples of masks which were given to me after I purchased my serum, it was quite excellent as well. In fact, I like most of the Kerastase masks but back to the serum. So I used similar serums from other companies and I was thinking they would win the bet because of the lower price. However, the effect I got with Serum Jeunesse cannot be comperared with anythink else. It really gave my hair beutiful texture eventhought naturally my hair is very thin and have no volume at all. So even with the pricey side of Kerastase Jeunesse, it is totally worth the money. In addition, I tried other Kérastase Serum called Initialiste and I can’t recommend it to anyone. Initialiste didn’t give to my hair anything except the nice smell. So if you confused between those two, don’t buy Initialiste just get Serum Jeunesse. This is just my opinion.

Quality – excellent product with the highest quality
Package – beautiful and super luxurious
Effect – hair becomes fuller and gets better texture
Smell – floral very pleasant light sense
Ingredients – nontoxic chemicals based on scientific research
Skin reaction – none, scalp feels great
Price – around $125 (in UAE) and $90 (in USA)Total – ★★★★★☆
Total – ★★★★★
P.S. If you also tried this product feel free to share your opinion about it in the comments below or if you have additional questions will be happy to answer it.


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