Bottega Veneta Timeless Style

Yesterday, I went to Bottega Veneta for a privet discovery of Fall/Winter’16 collection. I spent a couple of hours in the store during which learned so much about this wonderful brand. So I am very excited to share it with you. The main concept of Bottega Veneta based on 4 pillars

  • outstanding craftsmanship
  • timeless yet innovative design
  • contemporary functionality
  • the highest quality materials

This is the reason, why the brand is so sustainable regardless trends and seasons. Also, Bottega Veneta doesn’t have a brand logo. Before it used to be a butterfly but it was removed in 2001 when the new creative director, Tomas Mayer joined the company.  This was done to highlight unique craftsmanship of the brand as well as to do not interfere with the  client personality.


As you can see, the recent trend of metallic colors is implemented to Bottega Veneta classic craftsmanship. Also, the colors chosen for Fall/Winter’16 collection are quite special. In The Dubai Mall, Bottega Veneta carries few bags made with a rare leather. However, the brand never encourages a killing of animals rather uses materials from animals which were already killed for food or other environmental purposes. Below photos of a few autumn bags made with crocodile leather. It is polished in a special way to add shine to the bag without losing its flexibility. Also, they are quite light compared to many other luxury brands.


In the new collection, there are also famous Knot Clutches which you probably saw on various Red Carpet events. For instance, I feel like every lady in Hollywood has one. However each season, Bottega Veneta does a couple of unique designs as the one below with butterflies.

I also got a chance to see an extraordinary and one of a kind piece. Knot clutch made of 24K Gold and highest quality diamonds, done in the same techniques as most bags in Bottega Veneta. This purse is not for public display but I took a couple of photos for my readers.   Moreover, the brand produces this clutch very rarely once in a while but apparently we were lucky this year. In fact, this piece was done exclusively for  Bottega Veneta store in The Dubai Mall. The cost of it is around $100K.


My ambitions are much smaller than the gold clutch. After seeing all the shoes, bags and accessories, I got other things on my “to buy” list, such as

  • Veneta Bag in medium size, espresso color (the one I am trying below)
  • Wallet in a new long shape, same espresso color to match my bag
  • Olimpia bag in small or medium size
  • Stretch Knot Clutch
  • Classic high-hills
  • Silver or gold espadrillies

This is my minimum plan but ideally, I would love to have the whole store. So if anybody would like to surprise me… Just kidding, although my birthday is on December 5th, in case :)))

Last but not least, Bottega Venetta has one the best perfumes in the world. All scenes are super unique. They would perfectly match different occasions and personalities. After my visit, I received a gift from  Bottega Veneta in which was an amazing perfume called, Knot. Love the smell of it, definitely will be my winter favorite.

P.S. If you want to share your Bottega Veneta experience, feel free to write it below. Would love to know what you already purchased, if you like it or not, or just some suggestions regarding my blog.





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