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Amato Fashion Show F/W’16

Amato is one of my favorite Dubai-based brands which specializes in Haute-Couture clothes. It is been on the market for quite a long time and became popular among many celebrities. Moreover, in the Middle East, it is one of the few brands which really makes a show during the runway. I went to many Amato Fashion Shows and every single one of them is an exciting experience. The latest show was for Fall/Winter’16 collection and the theme was destructive sides of nature such as dark night, fire, snow and the whole unpredictable universe.


I went to this F/W’16 show twice, first on the Fashion Forward and second on Velvet Magazine event. Therefore, backgrounds on my photos are diffeent. In fact, I was more lucky to get clearer shots in the second one beacouse I was sitting in the first raw and the light was much better. Anyway, love this collection which is so gorgeous and inspiring. Wouldn’t mind to get a couple of outfits from it. Although, I can even decide on the favorites, feel like each has its own beauty.

P.S. So which outfit is your favorite? Feel free to leave comments below.


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