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Kate Spade F/W’16 Collection Preview

Kate Spade shop is always full of surprises, every season designer creates so many unusual  accessories in funny shapes and beautiful statement pieces for New York fashionistas. In the beginning of September, I went to the launch of Kate Spade Fall/Winter’16 collection to see what fashion will bring us in a new season. The event took place in Mall of the Emirates at its own store and it was packed. So many ladies came to celebrate and shop the new collection. The signature of F/W were floral dresses with lots of matching accessories.

As usually, Kate Spade did many funky bags in different shapes, such as cake, perfume, violin, boat, car plate number and many others. Love that the brand pays lots of attention to details. Like if you look closer even zippers and lockers have some nice element. For example, on top of the Car Plate clutch «Bride2Be», there is a little locker in a shape of the car.

Also, during the Kate Spade event, I won a lottery and got the first prize. Such an awesome feeling to win something, although inside was just a glass bottle for water.

Last but not least, Kate Spade positioning her brand as a middle luxury. So if you afraid to enter because you think it is too pricy, don’t be. They have there so many fun things even notebooks, envelopes, wallets and etc.. In fact, you can find things from $30 which makes it the best place to get gifts for your friends birthdays.


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