GlamBox Korean Beauty Set Review

GlamBox is a fun way of discovering new beauty products and a great kit to start your own blog. I discovered this company during their event which was about an upcoming box for September and the theme was Korean Beauty. Venue took place in luxury restaurant, Ossiano Atlantis The Palm. During the event, there were beauty stands with lots of Korean products where I got a couple of nice samples to try it at home. Then the afternoon tea started. All guests were served with the finest snacks, desserts, and teas. It was one of the best  afternoon tea I had, plus was so much fun to learned about GlamBox . So for the event, I give A+ to GlamBox, really liked everything about it.


September Box full of Korean beauty products.

For those who didn’t hear about GlamBox yet, here is a little info. The main concept of this company is to send you a box with 4-5 beauty products every month but you will never know what is coming in the next box so it is always a surprise. I guess it is a very popular concept in many countries, but had no idea it existed in the UAE. After the event, I received one of such dream boxes. In September, it was filled with Korean beauty products. The best part, that I never tried them before or any Korean products for that matter so I was thrilled to test it. Below is my review what I like and didn’t like about them.

This modeling gel lip patch is a very fun thing to use. Unique concept although it doesn’t stick nor help with anything, felt like putting a cherry pudding on my lips. Also, lipstick is a nice beauty toy, it has pop-up pink color and very soft hydrating texture.
This product is exactly what I needed. It has a creamy texture with soap touch, perfect for gentle face cleansing. Removes makeup and leaves skin crystal clean.
Love this gel sponge for face wash, very unique and perfect for my daily skin care routine. Can be used for 2-3 months, it has gel texture which doesn’t change after usage.
Eyebrow coloring mascara, perfect for people who color their eyebrows. Nice eyeliner in brown color, texture of a pencil. Nice products will definitely use them from time to time.

If you live in the Middle East, you can easily get your beauty boxes from GlamBox. To get started you will need to subscribe on their website in the Middle East, They have an option there to subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months for 71-80 AED per month. Really great deal for beauty addicts. Wonder what they will put in their next box, maybe Russian beauty products…



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