Louis Vuitton Perfume Preview

Everyone knows that a perfume is an essential part to complete any outfit. In fact, the top luxury brands have their iconic fragrances since the beginning of 20th century. Only one brand didn’t hurry to enter a beauty industry. Louis Vuitton launched their first perfumes just now in September 2016 for the first time. I couldn’t miss this historical moment and went among the first to this exciting presentation. To start, an architecture of LV stand was very original and made from millions of glass bottles with the pearl looking perfume stand in the middle.


In the entrance, I was welcomed by Louis Vuitton employee who gave me a tour around and shared insides about this perfume collection. There are 7 unique fragrances made for both men and women. However, personally, I think they are more feminine. Below you can see all of them. My favorites are Rese Des Vents and Matiére Noire, both definitely on my shopping list. Although, idely I would love to have all 7 fragrances because each and every has a unique luxurious smell. The price of a bottle is around $240 (100 ml.) and $290 for the miniature set (7 pieces by 10 ml.). It is a great gift idea for your loved one.

During presentation, in the room was also beautiful Louis Vuittong luggage with all the ingridients which were used to create these iconic fragrances. In the little boutlles on the left are oils, and in the jars is actual herbs from which oils were extracted. The intresting fact about them, it took 4 years to compose these ingredients in the right proportions to get final perfume products which we see today on the shelves. Besides, good news for brand collectors, this gorgeous luggage you can buy for home decor at 300,000 AED. There are only seven of them in the world so hurry up, a couple has been purchased already. Last but not lease, after a big success in the perfume world, the next logical question will Louis Vuitton launch their make-up line?


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