SaM Jewelry with Edgy Lines

SaM is a unique jewelry brand founded by Sabrina Mittler. All pieced in her collection are made in contemporary geometrical forms. Her first collection was inspired by Dubai lifestyle and each line has a name of an area in Dubai, such as Greens, Marina, Jumeirah, Palm, Deira and etc. Truly unique idea for a jewelry brand.

I received a package with a gorgeous ring and a bracelet with one scope (a charm). The coolest thing about it, you can collect, change and add these charms. The concept almost like a Pandora but for real adults. Designs of Sam jewelry are for modern and fashionable ladies.  Plus, it can complete any outfit from day wear till evening cocktail dress.



So the bracelet I got, is in a silver color and made of finest leather. Somehow it is so easy to combine with everything I wear. If it is a street style or work outfit, it goes so well with anything. I am not a jewelry person but because SaM designs so simple I feel very comfortable to wear it. Therefore, it quickly became my favorite piece. Plus I can redesign it by putting or adding on bracelet different charms.



The ring I got is in gold color and hexagon shape from Jumeirah line. Done in a minimalistic style which perfectly suit my personality. Love it so much, and  would like to get other shapes as well. Personally, I associate design of SaM jewelry with a sophisticated and edgy woman.



Last but not least, really love the packaging of this brand. Colors and boxes are just gorgeous. I can feel that the designer has a strong sense of fashion and great taste. For prices and more information you can check it out Sam website Also, feel free to share your tips, ideas, and suggestions in comments below.



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