Million Dollar Smile with a Million Dollar View

Today I would like to tell about my experiences at Lilac Medical Center which specializes in dental services. The clinic is located in the prestigious place in Abu Dhabi, two minutes from the famous Emirates Palace Hotel. Once I entered LMC, I saw a gorgeous sea view with the yacht bay and islands. I would never expect such a view from a clinic, usually if the restaurant has this kind of view it considered as very fancy fine dining which you need to book in advance.  Besides, the view interior inside is full of light colors with a touch of purple, very relaxing. I was welcomed by very friendly employees who offer me water and showed me a place to sit. Then they asked me about insurance because they deal with many of them and your treatment can get covered. Also, made a copy of my Emirates ID and gave purple folder with questions about my medical history and etc. It is a standard procedure in most of the UAE clinics and hospitals.

The reason I came to this dental clinic is to do Zoom teeth bleaching to have a Hollywood smile or as some people say, “a million dollar smile”. However, after consultation with  Dr. Abdulrahman Kalajou, he said with the full confidence, that I don’t need to bleach it in order to have such a smile. In my case, I just needed teeth polishing and cleaning. Moreover, during a consultation, I found out that laser teeth bleaching is for people who really want to whiten it up to 8 shades. For example, people who smoke, drink a lot of colored beverages and who just have a really yellow teeth. Also, there are some possible side effects such as,

  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Enamel is more fragile
  • Tendency to get discoloration from food and beverages

I wasn’t ready to commit to these issues due to my love of the black tea and American coffee. Plus my teeth are sensitive and white already. So we just did polishing and cleaning, to remove small stains in between teeth.

Moreover, Dr. Abdulrahman Kalajou told me that a perfect smile is not only about teeth color. In fact, a person can reconstruct or redesign smile by changing the shape of teeth and gum. He pointed what I can improve in future to get my dream smile. Plus, in LMC  , they have a super hi-tech equipment to do all kind of dental job. Honestly, I never saw more sophisticated dental clinic, they have a really impressive equipment, or a dental paradise I would say. Last but not least, if you are planning to visit

Plus, in LMC, they have a super hi-tech equipment for all possible dental issues. Honestly, I never saw a more sophisticated dental clinic with a really impressive equipment. Last but not least, if you are planning to visit Lilac Medical Center, let them know that you found out about them from my blog and they will give you a little discount on any dental treatment. Personally, I will definitely come back to this dental paradise.

P.S. This is the price list which I saw during my visit on September 1, 2016. All are in local currency AED/dirhams. But of course better to check during the consultation how much would your specific case cost. As I said, I was planning on Zoom Whitening for AED 3,000 but after consultation did just Polishing for AED500.



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