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Merlin Monroe Look with Max Factor


Merlin Monroe was always a beauty icon and many ladies dream to look like her. Max Factor cosmetics knows about our desires and came up with fabulous makeup products which I would like to review today. I have been testing them for a month; therefore, with confidence can tell you all about it.


I got 4 lipsticks from Max Factor Merlin Monroe collection which are called Ruby Red, Sunset Red, Berry, and Cabernet. I honestly enjoying using all of them because of a great texture. Colors are just slightly different, from lighter to darker red. They are not melting, keeping a perfect shape in the package and don’t have a tendency to color teeth. Also, a little tip «how to make lipstick stay longer», apply lipstick and then a little bit of face powder with ur finger on top of it, then put the lipstick again and put powder. This will help to last it during the whole evening, even if you eat and drink.

  1. Quality — excellent
  2. Effect — as promised perfect red lips, even color, lasting well for 3-4 hours
  3. Smell — lovely berry smell
  4. Ingredients -nonorganic, nontoxic chemicals
  5. Skin reaction — no allergic reactions and no drying effect
  6. Package — colored plastic with little luxury touch to it
  7. Price — $$ (very affordable)
  8. Total — ★★★★★




Besides perfect lips. Merlin Monroe had flawless white skin. So in the makeup set, I also got a foundation from Max Factor Facefinity in a very light color Porcelain 30. In fact, even for me, but at night no one can see any lines. The texture doesn’t always blend perfectly for my combinations skin.  Could be perfect for Hollywood diva makeup if you have normal skin.

  1. Quality — gave me not even skin texture
  2. Effect — flawless skin, even color, easy blend, greasy, oily
  3. Smell — very light scent
  4. Ingredients -nonorganic, nontoxic chemicals
  5. Skin reaction — no allergic reactions, has a little drying effect
  6. Package — glass with a luxury touch
  7. Price — $$ (very affordable)
  8. Total — ★★★



Last but not least mascara is an important element in the overall look. In my set, I got Max Factor Masterpiece Transform which has a very small brush with a pointy end. My first impression was that it looks quite strange and it will not fit my lashes type. But I changed my opinion after using it a couple of times. In fact, I like it more than anything I tried before, sorry Chanel, Dior and other high-end brands. The texture of Max Factor mascara is perfect, it makes my lashes really long and full. So it is a fabulous product and great discovery for me.

  1. Quality — excellent, easy to apply and remove
  2. Effect — very long, full eyelashes
  3. Smell — didn’t notice any
  4. Ingredients -nonorganic, nontoxic chemicals
  5. Skin reaction — no allergic reactions, not tired eyes look
  6. Package — regular plastic with nice touch
  7. Price — $$ (very affordable)
  8. Total — ★★★★★


In conclusion, I was amazed by the quality of these products. First, when I received them I had a very low expectation because I am not a big fun of mass-market makeup and I never would actually buy it. However, after using Max Factor I was truly surprised that they caught me as a customer and I would like to try more. Some of the products fulfilled my very picky makeup needs. If you would like to share your experience with this brand, please write it in the comments below.

P.S. These products I received from Max Factor Arabia but I was not paid to do positive nor negative review. They sent it at their own risk and it was 100% up to me what to do with them or say about them.


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