Marc Jacobs’ Layering 101

Marc Jacobs is famous for layering many pieces of clothes to make a complete look. Sometimes for the runway, he can use 7 pieces of ready-to-wear together and make an outfit unique and fabulous. I think Marc Jacobs is a master of clothes layering, which is great because each collection in the store has lots of possible mix and match. To show you an example, I created a couple of sets below. Amazing how he combine totally different textures and fabrics.

I was invited to one of such layering presentation due to the opening of Marc Jacobs store in Mall of the Emirates. During the event one of the fashion bloggers, Natalia Shoestova was presenting how you can change an outfit in a matter of seconds. As well as mix different pieces which you already have. For example, putting jacket just on the shoulder, then putting your hands into sleeves, then putting the blouse under a skirt, then twisting the end of it, and etc. There are so many possible combinations wearing same clothes, you just need a little bit of creativity and sense of fashion.

Also, during the event people could personalize their outfits by putting different patches on t-shirts, belts, bags, jackets, skirts or anything else for that matter available in store. I decided to buy a t-shirt and style it. So I have a little souvenir and reminder that one outfit can be worn in different ways. There is no right or wrong in layering art you just need to try to see what works for you.

For more details regarding style sets presented, you can visit my styling account in Polypore. Also, feel free to share your ideas and experience in comments below.


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