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Tory Burch Tribe

Tory Burch brand was established in 2004 and quickly became a hit in the fashion industry with rapid growth worldwide. I was invited to the opening of one of its stores in City Walk, Dubai. The story behind this brand fascinates me, how a lady established such a successful concept and in a matter of years became a billionaire. In fact, the concept is brilliant, to create fashionable, high quality, yet affordable clothes. Personally, I loved collection I saw and luxury finish to it. I guess it is a big trend right now to be in the middle luxury sector since millions of ladies want to look fabulous without breaking the bank. That is why people love Tory Burch, which filled that gap between overpriced and cheap low-quality clothing.

The style of Tory Burch outfits is absolutely fabulous, they sell sophisticated pieces which you can take from day to night. Their cuts are comfortable and quite simple. Great quality fabrics with a touch of embroidery or other details which will make you stand out. Also, accessories in the store are brilliant, so modern, fashionable yet appropriate for various occasions. Love their bags, shoes, scarves and other details which could wonderfully complete many outfits. Besides you can even find cool phone accessories, as the one I hold with the ice cream look. Really the store filled with cute things.

Moreover, Tory Burch is always following latest trends in fashion. Like the tribal trend, we have right now. Love the sandals and key chains which would make an outfit more special. So many statement pieces can be found each season at Tory Burch store and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Have no doubt it would be something fun, artistic and creative.


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