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Rani Zakhem Spring/Summer ’16

Rani Zakhem is a famous fashion designer who specializes in Haute Couture, Red Carpet, and Bridal dresses. I came across this brand on Arab Fashion Week which was hosted in St. Regis Hotel, Dubai. I heard already from my friends that he is an amazing designer and many celebrities wearing his gowns. So I went to check it out. I must say that the place in itself was beautiful but the dresses were breathtaking. They are so simple yet sophisticated.

One of my favorite dress from Spring/Summer ’16 collection was this adorable pale pink one. Love the way it flows, the soft color and very fashionable texture. The one next to it was also quite amazing because of its golden beige color and gorgeous flower on the shoulder.

Then I saw this blue dress and said that’s the one, true Cinderella dress. Really stunning gowns which are perfect for big events. Also, love the off shoulder looks which make any lady feel gorgeous without being overexposed.

I feel like each gown gives effortlessly chic appearance. As well as makes body perfect. I didn’t try any of those dresses but to me, they look quite comfortable. Even if you put on a little bit of weight, they will still highlight your waist and give perfect silhouette.


Last but not least, here is some of the bridal gowns which I spotted during Fashion Show. The one below surprised me with its modern yet classic look. Love the little embroidery on top and skirt, making this piece truly special. For more looks feel free to check official website of Rani Zakhem.


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