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Dior Haute Couture in Miniature

One of the most iconic brand Christian Dior had an exhibition of miniature Haute Couture dresses. Most of them were around 20 cm high. Perfect outfit for barbie doll you would think but in fact not every barbie could afford them. To craft, a little dress takes more skills and effort than the full size one. Just to think about all details which have to be done on a micro scale to represent the true Haute Couture piece. No wonder that each one was made by the leading fashion designers from Paris.



Above you can see how small they are in comparison with the lady standing near a window. I saw this beautiful exhibition in The Dubai Mall at no cost. In fact, it was open to public and anyone curious could come. Besides the United Arab Emirates, it was traveling to many other countries as United Kingdom, China, Japan and etc. The main point of this voyage was to show the history of the brand, the iconic pieces and the way fashion was developing.

Moreover, each collection represented perfume fragrance. It was nice to see by which looks Dior perfumes were inspired.

«There’s the couturier’s love for gardens, evoked by a bed of techno flowers in which bloom bottles of Diorsissimo and the floral dress Miss Dior. There’s the precious world of the perfume J’adore, to be found in an installation glowing with gold leaf, like the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Lastly, it’s the glamorous balls that Christian Dior was passionate about, expressed in the rhythm of the waltzes that animate a series of ten miniature dresses, twirling before the viewer’s eyes to better reveal the richness of their details,» mentioned on the official website

In conclusion, these small versions of Christian Dior dresses have big history behind them. The brand revolutionized the whole fashion industry and still playing a significant role in it.


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