Masala Chai Dubai, Fashion for Princess

Once upon a time I went to wonderland and became a princess… Oh sorry was flying in my dreams for a moment.


So I had collaboration with wonderful Dubai-based brand Masala Chai which is still very new in the fashion industry but getting popular. This lovely brand specializes in contemporary Indian fashion, mostly dresses and skirts for various occasions. I chose three adorable outfits for the photoshoot which want to share with you. When I wore my first look, I felt like a princess and was super tempted to buy this gorgeous dress. It was fitting me perfectly and had great quality fabric with golden print. Really lovely dress which could be ideal for many events. Also, the brand quite often put different color fabric sometimes with flower print underneath. The dress I wore had red stand out color under which I absolutely loved it. Such a unique piece.

My second look had a gorgeous blue skirt which also will look amazing with so many different tops. The great thing about skirts you can mix and much with other things you already have.

The third one was a little white dress. Love the print with flowers and other cute details. Great choice for summer occasions. Also, I notice all the dresses I tried were really comfortable and fitting well. I am not a model skinny type, the sizes I wear usually S or UK10. So sometimes I need more definition on my waist which those dresses gave me, making my body look fabulous.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a beautiful dress for some important occasion, you might be interested in checking this brand out. Moreover, it is relatively not expensive compared to other gowns on the market. For example, if we compare with some famous Haute Couture brands. The price of dresses from Masala Chai in middle luxury range, around $300-500 but of course it depends on the season, fabric, cut and many other factors. I drew such conclusion from taking to the designer. But to buy or not to buy the choice is yours.

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