Clarins Fix’ Make-Up Review


So excited to tell you about a new product on the market from Clarins Paris. I personally love this brand and always very happy to try something new. This time, I discovered spray for the face which fixes makeup, refreshes, and hydrates. During one day of use, it has quickly become one of my favorite product. However, it is not a must have, more like a nice beauty toy. I have been using it for more than a month so with confidence ready to share my experience and opinion.


  • Smell – amazing floral sense, not bothering and very soft, I think keynotes are roses
  • Effect – as promised face looks and feels refreshed
  • Size – quite small 1.8 fl.oz., perfect to put it in purse, travel backpack or beach bag
  • Packaging – cute red with all explanations and suggestions
  • Look – love the way this little bottle look so summery and fresh
  • Price – $27 which is absolutely affordable, as most of the products from this brand


  • MakeUp fix – not going to make your face look not oily or less oily after a long day

Regarding lasting make-up claim, I am not sure that it is really what you will achieve with this mist. In my opinion, once the face got oily the only way to fix it, is powder, or removing and reapplying makeup again. Also, glass bottle might be a slight concern for some ladies. If you drop it, it might crash. But from the other side, I can’t call it a minus because a glass made of sand which is a natural material. So no hazard during heat and transportation compared to plastic which might release harmful toxins. I prefer fragile rather than a toxic product.

Personally, I love to use it during stressful sweaty days, take with me to the beach or have it during the long flight. It really gives nice freshness, hydration, and aromatherapy. As I said it is not “must have” product, even myself I use it periodically but always enjoy to spray it on my face.

Last but not least this is how Clarins presents product on the website,

“A light and refreshing mist that sets makeup and gives longer-lasting hold. Enriched with aloe vera and allantoin, it instantly moisturizes and soothes the skin. Its invigorating grapefruit extract and organic rose water scent provide a continuous sense of well-being. A simple gesture for long-lasting makeup. Exclusive Clarins anti-pollution complex.” 

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