Palazzo Versace Hotel, Dubai

In 2015, not that long ago was opened wonderful hotel in Dubai, Palazzo Versace. It is a 5-star hotel but in reality it is much more than that. Everything inside is the piece of art. All furniture is made from finest material by House of Versace exclusively for this hotel. Also, I was shocked by a complicated mosaic floor which they used instead of carpet. In fact, to complete this gorgeous floor just took 1 year in itself. Through the corridors, you will see gorgeous sketches from Versace Fashion Shows. Love every detail inside. Everything is the masterpiece of 21th-century art with an inspiration from 16th.

A couple of times I had my breakfast there. Food and service were excellent. I would even say that they made me feel like an aristocrat or royalty. Would give them A+ for my lovely breakfasts. I didn’t try other signature restaurants in Palazzo Versace. If you did would love to hear your opinion about them. Here is the list of what they have for wine and dine.

The room there was also exquisite. One of the hotel managers was very kind to give me a little tour around. Everything inside was gorgeous. The bed covers are made from finest silk, all of course by House of Versace even small bar glasses and plates. Moreover, Versace Palazzo gives an option for a short stay as well as long stay in their Residential Part with an option to buy an apartment.

Last but not least, I was also invited to their Ball Room for the fashion show and a couple of other events. Love purple color of carpets and amazing chandelles. Personally, I think it is the most beautiful Ball Room in Dubai, it cannot get any more luxury than that. Always enjoying coming here so if I see in my invitation Palazzo Versace, I am in.

  • Hotel Interior A+
  • Food A+
  • Luxury A+
  • Service A+
  • Location B (nothing in walking distance)
  • Infrastructure around C (in 2016 but tend to improve)
  • Price per night from $350

In conclusion, absolutely gorgeous place with exclusive design. Really worth it to come and check it out. The only minus is that nothing around the hotel in walking distance, area still under construction. But if you have a car or don’t mind to pay for a taxi you will love it.

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