Shoe Mart, Affordable Fashion

Shoe Mart is a shop which specializes in shoes, bags, and other small accessories. All products are placed at the affordable price range and coming from multiple trendy brands. Shoe Mart holds a strong position with 29 stores all over the United Arab Emirates and carries items for women, men, and kids. Personally, I like to shop in their branch at The Dubai Mall but they have stores in many other malls. Shoe Mart has great spacious design and amazing product choice. I also like very friendly ambiance there when each sale person is happy to help.

The variety is so great that each person can find something that will suit him/her. Shoe Mart targets different segments and usage purposes but all within reasonable prices. For example, me as a blogger, I can find statement pieces for various events and photoshoots, as well as a person with a different lifestyle, can find something comfy for daily use or work.

When I came there a few days ago, I found lots of beautiful items and bought a couple of them. I got trendy heels in blue color, bag, and scarf. This semi-boots are from ELLE line that is presented in the store and their online shop. Besides a fancy look, it is incredibly comfortable and the price was just 169 AED.

The other item I got from there is silk scarf with incredibly beautiful print. I love that is so light, easy to put in a bag and no wrinkles after. The price was for around 59 AED. Many ladies dream to have some fashionable accessories but don’t have a big budget to shop. As fashion and lifestyle bigger, I can assure you that you will find something you like in Shoe Mart without breaking the bank.


Last but not least, I got this lovely summer bag which is great for many different occasions such as travel, photoshoot, event, work, shopping, and even grocery. It also comes with the little wallet or smaller bag which can be unattached  anytime. Really useful and love that it has such a pop-up color. Besides orange, I saw this bag in blue, black and violet. This beauty was just at 149 AED.

So if you are looking for shoes, bags, or accessories you know where to go. There is no better shop with lots of choices than Shoe Mart.

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