Lu by Lolita Dubai

Lu by Lolita is famous clothing brand from South America which was established in 1960 and it has already 70 stores worldwide. A year ago one of their stores was opened in UAE, The Dubai Mall.

Personally, I was introduced to this brand four months ago and since then absolutely adore their clothes. All the outfits are so comfortable and easy to wear. The cut makes me feel very relaxed and the fabric is super breathable without being transparent. I got many dresses from them which can be worn from day to night, to the beach and later to a classy restaurant. In fact, I pulled lots of outfits from pieces I had and it was perfect for many events and photo shoots. Sometimes not event joking, I wore their clothes to the beach and after straight to event.

Besides beautiful dresses and jackets that I own from Lu by Lolita, I got a couple of accessories such as Tote bag, leather clutch, gorgeous heels (the one on photo), scarf and necklace. And I can confidently say that I love everything, it is really worth the money. Plus I love that it has a South American touch to it, without trying to copy runway outfits of famous designers. So each and every piece you get there is authentic and different from most of the brands on the market.

Also, I was lucky enough as a blogger to host store anniversary of Lu by Lolita Dubai. I invited other bloggers to explore their beautiful shop with delicious catering service and Latin America inspired mocktails. In addition, we had a competition during the event for the best outfit with the great prize, black leather tote bag. After, all guests got lovely goody bags with a nice cashmere scarf and heavenly smelling bouquet.

It was lots of fun and great memories. P.S. Most of the girls on photos are wearing outfits from Lu by Lolita. Personally, I think it is great clothes stylish, comfy and affordable. So if you are going to Dubai Mall don’t forget to visit Lu by Lolita on the 2nd floor next to Ice Rink, to try South American style for yourself.


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