The Coffee Club, Australian Coffee in Dubai

One of the finest Australian coffee shops is now proudly open in Dubai. The Coffee Club is a legendary café which serves the finest coffee since 1989. The concept includes as well excellent meals from breakfast till dinner at very affordable prices. So I and my friends decided to come and check this place out.

To start, The Coffee Club is located in a very convenient place near Downtown Dubai on Al Wasl Rd. next to City Walk. Also, it is in a new beautiful area which has many other shops so there are easy access and lots of free parking. When we entered we saw the modern design and welcoming staff.

The menu was quite surprising, because of a huge variety of great dishes that not even every restaurant can afford to have. The breakfast served all day long which is amazing for people who wake up late. Also, lots of choices for those who like to eat healthy.

We got really lost seeing lots of appealing photos on the menu but finally made our choice. So we ordered

  • Pomegranate and date salad
  • Pizza with feta
  • Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon
  • Pancake stack
  • Granny’s apple crumble
  • Iftar special dessert
  • Sparkling frappés passionate
  • Raspberry iced tea
  • Mango iced tea
  • Three cups of coffee

When the food arrived we were amazed how delicious everything looked, I would say even better than on pictures. So we started our meal and every dish made me extremely satisfied. Everything was tasty, smell great and super fresh. Pizza was very crispy and tasty. The salad had beautiful dressing and great touch. All desserts were just outstanding. Plus drinks were absolutely amazing. They really exceeded my expectation because most of the cafés specialize only on coffee but not the food. Where is here excellence at every level.

Besides great food, it is the perfect place to meet with friends or come with a laptop to work. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the place is very cozy. In conclusion, the absolutely amazing coffee shop which I recommend all my friends and readers.


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