Bahria Seafood Restaurant on The Beach

This post dedicated to those who are looking for new great food experience in Dubai. Especially for tourist who are coming here and wonder where they can eat great quality seafood without breaking the bank. I totally understand their feeling, from thousands of places in UAE, it’s hard to choose one. Besides, many people have a certain budget and to go to overpriced restaurants, not an option.

Bahria restaurant is specializing in Middle Eastern cousin with the implementation of finest seafood. For me, it was Mediterranean food paradise since I am a pescetarian (I eat only seafood). I came there for Iftar set menu, I don’t fast but I like the experience of gathering with friends and families for this long meal. So for the set menu, most of the dishes were already chosen we just decided on the soup and main course. When the food started to arrive me and my friend got shocked by the huge meal with around 20 different dishes. Everything was so appealing and delicious. The photo below it was our starter, then we got hot mezzeh, more of cold mezzeh, main course, and dessert. We couldn’t even eat it all but I tried everything and it was really great. In fact, living 8 years in Dubai, I know to what to compare.

Besides restaurant is located in a prestigious spot of Dubai, The Beach opposite to Jumeirah Beach Residence. People love this place because of many cute stores, big variety of restaurants, great facilities and free access to the beach. Therefore, this location is one of the top popular dining areas for residents and tourists. Apart from a beautiful sea view, Bahria restaurant has an amazing interior with Mediterranean touches, very light and summery decor.

The price of this meal is very reasonable as well compering to many fine dining restaurants in Dubai. I did a little research on prices for Iftar, it varies in most places between 160-250AED ($44-68). Whereas here, the quality and quantity are better than many of them and the price is just 110AED ($30). Personally, I think it is a great deal.

  • Price: 110 AED (per persons)
  • Place: Bahria Restaurant, The Beach next to JBR
  • Time: 2 hr


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