Tennis Sport of Choice

Today, my post will be to motivate my readers for a healthy lifestyle and to prove that you can get a perfect body in a fun way without a struggle. Tennis is the best sport for couple of reasons,

  • it is a fun game
  • you burn at least 400 calories per hour
  • helps to release stress
  • makes you more social

While playing tennis time just fly, you don’t notice hard work out compared to the gym. In fact, I am not a big fun of gym. I don’t have enough strings to do same movements in the gym during the year, usually one week and I am bored there. Whereas tennis gets me into competition mood and I don’t notice doing hard exercises. Moreover, in this sport, there are learning process with each game you get better and you leave the court with a happy mood that you achieving something.

Another important point, you really burn your fat. Maybe you already heard about interval running when you accelerate and then slow down. This exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. Playing tennis is exactly what you will be doing accelerate and stop, accelerate and stop, and like this for one hour. If you try to run in trade mil for an hour to burn 400 calories, I doubt you will enjoy your time. Plus, I am sure after doing a couple of times your body will get exhausted and will refuse to come back to the gym. So tennis better than any gym, fun and really effective.

Next point it helps to release your stress. That’s right, by hitting ball your stress fades away. In fact, many companies on their training give employees stress balls. When you throw and hit this ball, it really helps to get rid of your anger. Just imagine that the ball is the person who you secretly hate at work.

Last but not least, tennis makes you more social. In tennis, you oblige to play with someone so it is a great opportunity to invite your friends or work colleagues. Such games bring people closer and help to build stronger bonds.

In conclusion, playing tennis it is not only lots of fun but also great benefits for your health and wellbeing. I encourage all of you to try and see it for yourself.



2 thoughts on “Tennis Sport of Choice

  1. Those pictures are great! Did you take them with a cameraphone?

    Tennis is a great sport, but unfortunately here in metro Nashville it can be hard to go somewhere to play that isn’t pretty crowded.

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