Apparel Group or Multi-brand Event

Apparel group is one of the biggest fashion group in the United Arab Emirates. Represents 1250+ stores from all over the world in the local market. I was very happy to attend their 2nd Apparel event at Versace Palazzo Hotel, Dubai.


I will start from the companies this group represents in the region. It is not a full list but I try to mention most significant brands. The full list and more information you can find on their website

  1. Aldo
  2. Aeropostale
  3. Birkenstock
  4. Beverly Hills Polo Club
  5. Calvin Klein
  6. Cath Kidston
  7. Charles & Keith
  8. Cold Stone
  9. Dune
  10. Inglot
  11. Levi’s
  12. Naturalizer
  13. Nautica
  14. New Yorker
  15. Nine West
  16. Pedro
  17. Pumpkin Patch
  18. Skechers
  19. Shoe Gallery
  20. Tim Hortons
  21. Tommy Hilfiger
  22. Toms

With so many great brands the event was great as well. When I and my friends/bloggers entered we saw huge entertainment area. First, we got our photos then we played some games where you could win some cute little gifts from those brands follow by food paradise. I regret at that moment I had my breakfast since they had a great variety of breakfast choices as well. Moreover, there was Tim Hortons and Cold Stone corner where we could take coffee, donuts, ice cream and etc. as much as we like.

The other area were dedicated to different brands with a fashion show in the middle. Absolutely great place to know more about each company and collection. Of course, I visited all of them which were about 10-15 company’s stands, as well I had a chance to see one fashion show. Time went so fast and with intense event schedule I had to run to the second one in Sephora.  On the exit, I received the best goody bag ever, with lots of different clutches, accessories and etc., all of the course from Apparel group brands. With great mood and full of inspiration, we left this wonderful event.

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