How to create Personal Comics

In this post, I would like to share how to create comic images using your own photos. I found this app couple of days ago and it quickly became my favorite.

So here is few simple steps to do it,

  1. Go to app store and download Pencil Sketch Pad (I installed on my iPhone);
  2. Make funny photoshoot with story to create a comic book;
  3. Upload your photos to the app;
  4. Choose in the app your favorite filter (mine is 5th one in the row).

I tried to download at first around 10 different applications with the same idea but Pencil Sketch Pad I liked the most. The main reason it became my favorite one, is for the thickness of lines. For example, in others when I upload a photo with me smiling, between the teeth, were extremely black lines which look rather scary than fun. With this app, colors go more smoothly and it really looks like a cartoon. This app, in my opinion, is so much entertaining and easy to use.

Here are more photos I got with this fab app. Feels like I am ready to create my own comic book now. Also, you can check my additional Instagram account @yanallurecomics to see more of fun images I created with this app.




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