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Promod Fashion Show, Summer 2016

In April 2016, Promod shop organized preview of the summer collection. I got an invitation from Ahlan magazine to attend it and of course took my friend with me. I was so happy that they gave us front row where we could take the best photos for our blogs. Moreover, we met there so many other famous bloggers which made this event even more fun.

Venue took place on the main catwalk of Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping mall in the United Arab Emirates. The length of the show was around 15 min with lots of different outfits. I would say it felt much longer than a typical fashion show. Nevertheless, was nice to see their collection.

I knew this brand since my school times and I think it is perfect for girls between 14-25 years old. Promod specializes in denim and casual wear. In fact, this brand is very affordable and can be mix and much with so many things. Personally, I liked a couple of denim dresses and jackets from the show.

After it I and my friend received Gift Vouchers for 300 AED ($82), they were given by PR agent to local influencers (bloggers, buyers, stylists and etc.). I was so happy and the next day went to get a couple of things from Promod. So it was a reunion with the brand.


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