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Collectable Art Dubai 2016

Art Dubai is one of the biggest art event in the Middle East and Africa. Moreover, it has been recognized as one of the most globalized meeting point in the art world during the last 10 years. This year it took place on 15-19 of March 2016 at Madinat Jumeirah. For three days of this wonderful exhibition, guests could visit three huge halls full of artworks. In fact, around 90 galleries are participating in this exhibition every year and most of the pieces are for sale which is great for art collectors.

I received two VIP invitations from Mashreq Bank which actually made me go there for the first time. I am not much into art but I certainly appreciate and get inspired by it. The whole venue was quite amazing, in the majority of corners, people could talk directly with painters/owners of masterpieces around. The creativity of many went beyond my personal imagination. I was truly surprised by the size of the venue, I thought I will be done in 2 hrs but in reality, even three days wouldn’t be enough to see everything. However, I could attend only last day due to my travel to Moscow.

After big art inspiration around, I and my friend went to VIP lounge to discuss our favorite pieces and have a cup of coffee. Even in the lounge had an artistic design with beautiful colors combination.

For people working in the art industry, it is a mast to attend this event. Even me working in fashion I found it quite entertaining and useful. In conclusion, Art Dubai is a great venue, hope to attend it next year as well.



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