Hussein Bazaza, Fashion Show 2016

Hussein Bazaza is one of my favorite fashion brand in The Middle East. I came across this company during Dubai Fashion Week, FFWD. It is truly phenomenal cloth with very chic touch to it. Every piece has it own soul and beauty. If I would have an opportunity to buy all of it I would, after all, it is one of a kind.

The story of designer Hussein Bazaza is quite interesting. From an early age, he chose very clear fashion path by getting his degrees in the field and working for Elie Saab in Beirut. After getting experience from top designers, he lounges his first collection in 2012 which was a true success. Since then he put his name in fashion map.

Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Spring/Summer 2016

Just being on the market since 2012, Hussein Bazaza collections are already available in many stores in the region. With such a strong start few more years and we will see it in luxury departments all over the world.


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