DIFC, Dubai


Since I write about some interesting places in Dubai, today I decided to write about super famous spot DIFC. This abbreviation stands for Dubai International Financial Center which actually was created as a free zone for Financial Institutes but became more than this. Located in a heart of downtown, it became a very attractive spot for many global companies. Besides offices this area accommodates finest lounges, restaurants, hotels, galleries and etc. Down is a list of my favorite places in that area but in fact, there are much more.

So if you are looking for great place to dine at, DIFC is the perfect spot. Most popular restaurants in UAE are located there. Most of them have very energetic, fun and full of live vibe. However, remember to book your table at least a week in advance because it gets really crowded in the evenings and especially on the weekends.

Even during the day, it is a fun place to be in, there are lots of galleries displaying modern arts and places to grab a lunch. Once I had even a photo shoot there with MyFashionDXB group. In fact, we found many great spots to photograph and put in our “to come again” list since it is a rally big area. Moreover, I also like to come to DIFC with my laptop. On Friday and Saturday morning there are not too many people and it is so nice to sit with a cup of coffee outside and do some work.

A week ago I and my friend went to art event at Opera Gallery. There I found plenty of beautiful pieces for home decor and fancy art collection. This gallery holds really great paintings from all over the world. We were truly amused by Arabic pop art collection and couldn’t resist taking photo with these fancy items.

In conclusion, DIFC is a fabulous place with so many things to do. If you come to Dubai as a tourist don’t miss it, especially in the evening. And if you live in Dubai you most probably have been there and can agree on how amazing this area is.